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Our Philosophy

The foundation of our commitment to you is the Golden Rule: Treat Others as You Should Be Treated: Fair, Transparent, Kind. ​

Home Buyers

My Firm is very selective. If you have a clear vision of what you want, we will help you find the perfect home. We have the Market & Construction experience you need to make a smart purchase, including Offers, Negotiations, Repair Requests, Addendums, Compliance, and Closings! 

Special Situations!

We know their are times in life that can be overwhelmingly difficult.  If you are experiencing a major life event (serious illness, loss of a child) or if you are struggling to make ends meet as a widow or widower, Heritage Home Realty may be able to help you.  Our Firm has helped many people with a variety of real-estate needs during difficult times.  Please feel free to send an email or call. We hold all correspondence in highest confidence.

Peace :)

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Special  Skills!

Bonnie & I are committed to the truth of the Gospel and assisting the International Community, especially Central Asia, the Far East, and Eastern Europe.  Our Firm is very familiar with the cultural challenges of conducting business wisely & efficiently in America.  If we can help in any way with your real estate needs in the Charlotte metro area, please reach out to us.  It is our privilege to serve you!  和平 :)  мир  :)   سلام :)  Pax :)  Peace :) 

Home Sellers 

Most traditional real estate companies charge the Seller 3.0 percent of the purchase price to List a Home. Heritage Home Realty is not a traditional real estate company.  We recognize the value of your time and we understand how hard you work.  Our Commission to you for Listing your home is 1.5% of the Selling Price. Why do we cut our commission and offer this great value?  Because in the current Internet Age, Listing Agents don’t work as hard as Buyers Agents.  Its that simple.

About Heritage Home Realty

We Set the Standard for Value & Full Service!

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