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  • Mason, Lisa and Michael at the beach :)    
  • Michael and Lisa - Cute :)  
  • And Mason and me doing a Vulcan Mind meld ;)
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Dad and Maya at Chilli's - Bonnie & I and Dad and Maya went to dinner before Maya traveled to Canada, and then back to Uzbekistan!  We realy miss her!!

Does anyone need an Audit Director in America? :)  She has a wall of degrees & certifications; single, no kids, no baggage :)  She also has a great sense of humor. See the rabbit; that's her teacup :)

Subject: The Happy Train-Wreck ;)  A summary of 2017 :)

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Hello Sandy!

I have been meaning to write, call, or travel ever since my last visit to your lovely home months ago!  2017 has been such a train wreck, truly. Let me summarize w/ bullet points :)

  • Started the year with broken teeth, root canals; crowns
  • Multiple Computer crashes; Win 10 upgrades on my newest computer (now three years old) crashed multiple times; nothing I did; just updates from Microsoft!  I am still happy w/ XP on my old computer that runs about as fast as my new computer using Win 10!  
  • Multiple crashes on my old computer; my video graphics card fried; computer was totally inoperable. The graphics card was a PCI card; very, very hard to find. A great company in IL had one identical to the one that fried (minus the fan driven chip cooler; replaced with a large heat sink :)  This is the computer I use for the real estate business.
  • Modem from Time Warner; fried; they cheerfully replaced it with one that did not work :)  Try number three was a charm :)
  • The only water line under the Duplex slab sprung a leak!!  I almost called you!  I was upset, because I removed all the supply-side copper under the slab when I rebuilt the Duplex EXCEPT the primary 3/4in Supply; and it LEAKED!  I did not want to cut thru the hard woods and slab, so I dug a new supply line from the meter to the Duplex; dug a big hole below grade; chiseled my way thru the double-coarse foundation wall; rented a heavy core-drill and bored thru the slab (by myself!) and ran a new supply line from the water meter to the new bore-hole near a front interior wall (in a corner) and ran the new water line to the middle of the north unit to the  foyer closet (thru the slab, up a bedroom wall, across the perimeter of the ceiling (along two walls) and into the foyer closet where the interior master-shut-off is located. Then I boxed in all the plumbing and sheet-rocked everything; all of this while the tenant (who had no water for a days) was living there. Then I bought fresh dirt and filled everything in; replanted shrubs, grassed-in everything. The city gave me a break on the $420 wasted water bill (they waived the sewer charge and reduced the water bill a little). Needless to say, this was a very exhausting July & August.  
  • The fun continued when I broke arm and severely sprained my hand & wrist on 9/22. I was jogging and fell. Clever ;) 
  • I got back from the Ortho people on 9/23 to a house with no power. Duke.
  • The same day the water heater in our home quit. It was interesting; the thermal overload switch failed. I could not fix it w/ one arm; Michael came down and helped me :)
  • Did I mention the two trees that crashed to the ground in our back yard?  Thankfully, they did not hit the house. But lots of chainsaw work; and hauling.
  • Did I mention the battery in Bonnie’s car that quit; weird failure; boom; nothing. Five days later, the battery in my truck failed (in the normal way; slowly :) 
  • Here’s a good one. The day after I broke my arm, their was no power in the house; I hear this rather loud beeping. No power. Beeping. I check all the UPS’s; working properly; no beeping. It must be my new smoke & CO detector. I replace the battery. No change. I pull the battery (all of this on the ceiling w/ one arm). No change. I practically rip the smoke detector off the ceiling. No change. I am going crazy. Where in the world is this beeping coming from?? The house has no power!!  Oh!  It’s the CO detector in Maya’s room!  Low battery! 


Other news; Maya went to Canada in early August to be with her daughter and new grandbaby #2; very nice :)

Michael and Lisa and Baby Mason doing well, working hard. Mason is getting teeth; biting everything :)  

Aigul is very happy in London; was also working in Singapore; took a mini vacation to the Czech Republic and India (Chennai) and had a great time.  Me miss her and love her so much and wish she was working in America  :)

Bonnie is still working very hard at CHS. She has passed two national exams to better position herself. Bonnie has another really big national exam in March (revenue cycle, legal processes w/ insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, the Fed, etc). She has been studying non-stop; she has passed 3 of 4 parts. It’s a huge exam.

My little real estate business is doing well; its a joy to be able to help people!  Everything else here is business as usual; daily Mass, tea at McD’s; property maintenance and my violin with joy on Fri & Sat. nights :)  

My Dad is so frail, losing so much eyesight; can't drive anymore, struggles to walk. I try to get him every day and do some small things to entertain him or help him around his home. I wish one of the Kazakh kids could come here and help us, but they either have families of their own, or are to young. We miss Maya; she did so much for us when she was here.

Mark quit BE&K (Boeing) finally :) and is helping John, who sold his hardware company in Charleston and bought a large RV Park in Michigan south of U of M. John and Mark are such good friends; always an inspiration to see my brothers working together on such large projects :)

It would be great to see you & Linda and Scott!  The drive to your home is lovely; it would be a great little get-away :) 
We love you & miss you!!
Scott & Bonnie
1 Cor 13:13 :)

PS: Did I mention I was making our bed; snapped the comforter to shake it out and it hit the school-house light globe on the ceiling and flew off the ceiling like a UFO :)  The glass base cracked; the light fixture was spinning like a top, bashed me in my forehead and made a perfect half-moon cut about three inches long :)  I was actually so surprised, thinking, “What just happened??!” :)  Everything healed up fine; so the entire event was surreal. In my minds-eye, the globe came off the ceiling at warp speed :)  But you know... none of this really matters, because  we have our hearts & minds set on things Above (way above, not the ceiling light :)