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At Heritage Home Realty, our primary business objective is helping our customers purchase & sell real estate.  However, our extensive background in construction, engineering, and project management allows us to selectively assist clients and customers with a variety of tasks.  These tasks include:

  • Business Planning: If you would benefit from objective third-party analysis in Construction, Real Estate, Retail Sales, or Manufacturing, our experience with Start-Ups and Operations can help you make prudent decisions.  Our family possesses a wide range of academic & vocational experience, including market analysis, business plan development, finance, and project management. 
  • Construction: From a simple bathroom remodel to complete new home construction, we have the experience and contacts to make the largest projects manageable.  Rebuilding a home or retail space is always more challenging than constructing a new building. Rehab requires assumptions about what can’t easily be seen (as an example, hidden plumbing).  Our comprehensive experience (and numerous errors ;) and can help you avoid the risks associated with remodeling and rebuilding. 
  • ​Investment: Whether your objective is the creation of new capital opportunities (buy, rehab, sell) or the creation of a consistent income stream (buy, develop, rent) we can help you find and rebuild properties that are financially sound investments and strengthen communities. 
  • Continuous Improvement: Whether you need assistance with a single Kaizen event or need to reform the entire culture of your organization, our multi-national, systematic approach will invigorate your organization and achieve strategic initiatives!  The key to true, sustainable improvement begins with your organizations cultural foundation. We can help :)
  • Family: The center of a flourishing society is a family that functions.  The foundation for family is what you believe and why you believe it, grounded in objective truth.  The highest manifestation of family is The Trinity.  If you need help with a fuller understanding of objective truth for the benefit of family (and society) please send us an email.
  • Prayer: Prayer is the raising of one’s awareness to the presence of God. Prayer is always progress. Prayer manifests itself in your awareness that God is working thru His creation for His glory in the present moment.  How you choose to live spiritually effects reality.  Seek the truth and live the truth.  The truth is not some-thing; the truth is some-body; Christ Jesus. 

Below and on the tab to the right are a few pictures illustrating the five paragraphs above.  May the blessings of God remain with you and your family forever :)