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  • Extensive knowledge of real estate procedures & practices.
  • Ten years of Contract Offers & Negotiations.
  • Twenty-five years of new-home construction & older-home rebuilding.
  • Twenty-five years of formally Permitting construction projects in Mecklenburg & Union counties.
  • Personal contact with dozens of Closing Attorneys & Mortgage Brokers.
  • Dedicated history of assisting the rich, the poor, and hundreds in the middle.
  • Dedicated history of assisting the international community, from A to Z, Americans to Zambians

If you have a clear vision for the purchase of your next home, it would be a privilege to help you too!   

When a Buyer’s Agent helps you find & buy a home, who pays the Agent’s commission?  The Seller!  Why would the Seller pay my commission to help you?  Because the Seller wants what you have: your money!  And the Seller knows the best way to get your money is to Offer your Listing Agent a commission to attract a Buyer. Its that simple.  

The key to Selling your home efficiently is:

  1. Know your market. Most sellers understand their market; they have a good understanding of their home’s market value. 
  2. Develop your strategy. In your own mind & heart you need to know your time horizon for selling (the date your home must-be-sold) and your lowest acceptable price (if I can’t get “X” dollars for my home, I won’t sell it).
  3. Prepare your home. If your home is clean, uncluttered, and priced properly, it will Show and it will Sell. 

Can any licensed Real Estate Agent who is a member of the MLS help you find buy a home?  Yes.  In Charlotte, their are about 3000 active real estate agents. How do you choose the correct Agent?  You choose your Agent based on their knowledge, experience, and most importantly, their trustworthiness.  At Heritage Home Realty we have all three:


Liquid markets (lots of sales transactions) always tell the truth.  My Firm can help you with Comps & Analysis. If your home is priced properly, is uncluttered and clean, it will sell!  The single biggest factor to correctly marketing your homes is exposure & pictures. We can help you with both :) 


Paris is Beautiful. So is a Great Strategy!

During the past ten years, Heritage Home Realty has helped hundreds of home owners sell their homes. It would be a privilege to help you too!  Call or email us!  The advice is free :)   

We Set the Standard for Value & Full Service!